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We offer a range of services to help with logistics, from POS installations, category and shelf management, warehousing and POS tuning. helping your business be more efficient.

We offer an unparalleled variety of display solutions; striving as a team to be one of the market front runners in price, manufacturing, project management, distribution and innovation whilst working alongside our clientele with integrity and professionalism.

If you are looking for assembly and packaging services, category management, POS installations, shelf management, warehousing, or POS tuning? UFO Display Solutions has a professional team with decades of experience that specialise in just that. Check out some of our POS Service solutions below. 

UFO's state of the art in-house manufacturing facilities and experienced team are why other Australian POS solutions companies use UFO to produce their POS promotional materials. Our main aim is to exceed our client's expectations through quality and delivering on time every time.

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Assembly and Packing

Assembly and Packaging can be a daunting task for a retail outlet or brand to manage themselves. UFO Display Solutions with its state of the art facilities and decades of industry experience lead the industry with design and innovation. We can handle national and international projects and welcome even our competitors to let us take care of business for them.  


Category Management

Category management focuses on the product group or product category and not the individual brand. An example of this in clothing retailers is Jumpers, Shirts, or Pants. UFO are experts in point of sale design and management and award winning category management solutions. 

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Looking for professional point of sale installation services? UFO Display Solutions provide a professional service that will ensure your point of sale displays are setup, stocked and installed with ease. Don’t stress about deadlines and seasonal rotations with UFO because they have you covered. 


POS Tuning

Optimising product presentation at the point of sale. Use our expertise, our experience and the world’s largest POS toolkit to put your products within view and reach of the shopper in the best possible way. 


Loss Prevention

Loss prevention is a major concern for retailers. High Value and High Risk items, not just in Value but in Volume would be Red Lined and removed from the fixture and only available at the service desk. This creates loss of revenue and can be very time-consuming. TRPDOR is the perfect solution to this problem. 

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Shelf Management

With an entire team dedicated to warehousing, logistics and stock control, UFO Display Solutions have the ability to manage shelf stock for all types of retail and consumer outlets. In a fast paced industry with consumer products flying of the shelves through seasonal and promotional times of the year UFO's Shelf Management services are a retail necessity.  



If you are looking for short or long term warehousing space, UFO has national facilities that can accommodate your requirements. UFO Display Solutions can manage your stock holdings and accommodate production and drop shipping straight from their China facility.  There is no business to great or small we have solutions for you all. 


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UFO Display Solutions create produce and deliver point of sale for the retail industry. Whether you require a POS fixture, large format  print or stock management we are here to help you sell more.

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