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Category management focuses on the product group or product category and not the individual brand. An example of this in clothing retailers is Jumpers, Shirts, or Pants. UFO are experts in point of sale design and management and award winning category management solutions. 

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Calling customer attention to merchandise, sparking interest, and triggering the buyer response to purchase is the goal for any good point of sale display. Categorizing products to differentiate brands, models of products, styles of clothing, or types of electronics is a great way to draw focus, encourage product interaction, and purchase. 

Categorizing products can alleviate customer confusion and entice impulsive buying behaviour. UFO Display Solutions are experts when it comes to Category Management and have delivered international award winning solutions for companies like PPG Architectural Coating – (Taubmans Category Display for Bunnings Australia and New Zealand).

Planning category management in retail is an integral part of any successful point of sale display, that’s why UFO look at the bigger picture and help identify the success points within your retail space and design a display and management plan that will keep your point of sale customer engaged and purchase ready throughout the year. 


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UFO Display Solutions create produce and deliver point of sale for the retail industry. Whether you require a POS fixture, large format  print or stock management we are here to help you sell more.

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