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Elevate Your Brand and Your Products

Permanent displays are an effective visual stimulant customized for commercial and retail settings. We use only the best quality products for durability and longevity when designing and manufacturing these captivating POS displays. UFO Permanent displays are designed to give a brand a competitive advantage, enhance retail atmosphere and improve sales by allowing customers to make impulse or planned purchases with ease. 

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“I have been working closely with UFO now for 2 years and have found them a real pleasure to work with; they are quick to learn, quick to understand not only my requirements but that also my customer’s and over the past two years have become a real partner in our business.”

Neale Ferris – National Business Manager, PPG Architectural Coating

permanent displays

These visually stimulating Permanent Displays by UFO Display Solutions are award winning in their class. Taking the time to understand not only your needs as our clients but your consumers needs are two key factors in what makes UFO the best in the business. 

Enhance the visual atmosphere of your shop, increase product exposure, motivate and encourage sales and maximise stock holdings with exceptionally innovative eye catching and practical designs. We are leaders in the industry for innovation, quality manufacturing, and professional workmanship.

The Taubmans Bunnings Australia and New Zealand project is a perfect example of how UFO can provide custom solutions that maximise the consumer experience. Winning the POPAI award in 2013 this display is still a market leader in its field. 



Permanent Alcohol POS

Product is King

From product presentation to safety, our solution provides increase customer satisfaction whilst reducing overhead costs such as RIM. The product simply merchandises itself. By removing one bottle, the next one moves to the front of the shelf ensuring perfect presentation and increasing sales. From a safety aspect there is no more standing on the edge of the fridge to reach the top shelf, preventing customer injury should they slip.


permanent Cosmetic POS

Elegance, Sophistication create impressions at a glance

Blending lighting and colours stimulate general interest, engaging and creating an atmosphere that can trigger emotions which motivate customers to purchase.

Thoughtful bespoke design for your brand or products is essential strategy. Hence our experienced designer team can support your needs from start to finish ensuring your customer leaves the store feeling good and can identify the brand products that made them feel this way.


Permanent Metal POS

Metal - beautiful appearance, strong and durable

Unlike other materials, metal can be significantly versatile and offer added value in the long term. Robust and lightweight metal materials are available. Arguably metal is infinitely long-lasting than plastics and cardboard. 

A metal display does not mean it has to be completely made from metal. It can easily combine with other materials such as wood, PVC, other types of fibres and built-in illumination. Other features could include trays, shelves, brochure holders and interchangeable graphics, all without affecting the overall structure.


permanent Timber POS

Renewable, Recyclable

Timber is one of the few natural, renewable materials. Timber provides a natural look but applying colour or varnishes not only changes the colour but highlights the grain making Timber more tactile. Timber can be used as a feature  to completement other materials 

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Permanent Retail Fashion POS

From window displays to Instore - Fashion stets the trends for the world

Window displays are used to entice or lure customers into the store form Louis Vuitton to kids clothing store window displays,  are often the first point of contact. Merchandise and signage must be high impacting,  calling out a new trend or message to its target audience passing over a very short period of time.

This is only the start of the journey, once inside the store clear communication to the location of the brand or product needs to continue, calling out the message of new or value,  converting  interest to sales.

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