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In an evolving world with changes happening everyday UFO Display Solutions sources and designs unique products. After all UFO stands for Unique Fabricated Products. It is part of our heritage.

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Bags made from Renewable Sources with a Hygienic Bag Dispenser

Sustainability, renewable resource its Green Polyethylene is produced from Brazilian sugarcane ethanol, a renewable source, 90% derived from sugar cane and reduces dependency on petroleum.  

Each tonne of ‘I’m Green’  Polyethylene produced captures and stores CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
100% recyclable ‘I’m Green’ Polyethylene is recyclable in the same chain used for  recycling traditional PE from fossil raw materials.
The quality of our products is highly regarded but we value our environment just as much. 
Therefore, we take great pride in having a variety of bags made from renewable sources.


The rolls mounted on the colourful dispenser provides the consumer with a user-friendly, easy to open, and hygienic bag. The holders are specially designed for supermarket shelves and therefore simplify the process of setting up,  allocated at strategic points making it much more convenient for the consumer to take a bag compared to traditional solutions.

Promote your supermarket by choosing a dispenser with your specific colour.

With bags printed with your logo or special message you have a strong contribution to your marketing efforts.

Hygienic Bag Dispenser

This new plastic bag dispenser for standard flat bags, is a handsome and modern design that will complement any contemporary shop fitting.

Being lightweight the dispenser is injection moulded and cast in ABS, an impact resistant and maintenance free plastic resin.

It is now available in 4 standard colours, lime green, red, grey and black, with customised colours also possible to match any requirement from the retail store.

Star Sealed Bags, A bag system for fresh produce or bakery Flat Bag or C Fold

We proudly present the next generation of plastic bag solutions for the Australian and New Zealand retail market.

With a new and innovative customer friendly bagging system for fresh produce and other food items.

The star sealed bags are made from 100% virgin HDPE and complies fully to 10/2011/EU and 1935/2004 EU.

Besides increased strength the star sealing enables better weight distribution resulting in less damaged produce.

Furthermore, the sealing is watertight and once the bag is closed with a knot, leakage is securely prevented as well.

A better economy is achieved through the combination of high quality, strength, and availability, thus reducing the waste of bags to an absolute minimum.

E-Paper Displays

This technology offers versatile and incredibly long-lasting colourful display, programable in a sequence, E-Paper provides a platform for added attention, for your product or brand. The print process mimics the standard printing process but is illuminated, with the added benefit of low power consumption the power cell last for months. The E ink technology is made up with very small capsules about the size of a human hair within the capsule are colours. 


Motion Sensor Displays

With limited access to DC Power in many locations our battery operations motions sensor displays screens will perform for months. Activated by motion and using small power cells to operate our display will illuminate your message for a specified period of time before going into hibernation conserving the power cell ready to be activated again and again. 

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