Anit-Sweep Hooks

Loss prevention is a major concern to all retailers. High Value and High-Risk items, swept from the shelf. Our Anti-Sweep Hook selection provides shop ability across a wide range of products for an Open Sale but Anti Sweep Environment. Adding as much as 15% in addition sales whilst at the same time reducing theft.

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Taipan Hook

Our all-new design providing an alternative double pong hook, prevents multiple products being swiped, protecting a wide variety of high value products, only allowing a single product to be removed in a transaction whilst improving and complementing existing store planograms.

MINI Taipan Hook

SPEED LOADER (No Security Function)

  • More than one item can be loaded at a time.
  • Instinctive to operate.
  • Customer & team friendly.
  • Highlighted call out when re-order is required
  • Keeps products at front of the fixture for increased visibility & sales conversion
  • Quick to restock reducing RIM & easy replacement of mistaken product
  • Customers have better access to products - increasing sales 
  • Available in various rear attachment options, lengths & colours
Hook1_0000_Layer 4
Hook1_0001_Layer 3
Hook1_0003_Layer 1


  • Customer friendly instinctive operation
  • Easily replace mistaken product
  • Quicker to restock,  reducing RIM within store
  • Neater presentation - products sit square to the fixture
  • Multiple standards and made to order sizes if required across a variety of fixtures
  • Support multiple products
  • Increases load up of product,  increasing availability
  • Reduces theft but increases sales
Hook1_0002_Layer 2

Trpdor Hook tm

Innovative design and proven track record with a single or double prong option, preventing multiple products being swiped, allowing only a single product to be removed in a transaction. Protecting a wide variety of high value products, whilst improving and complementing existing store planograms.

Trpdor Glide tm

Ensuring that all products are pushed to the front of the fixture whilst preventing a sweeping action. Eliminating facing up costs and improve customer experience by promoting full product visibility, down to the last item.

Trpdor Speed Loader tm

Reducing labour cost with easy stock replenishment with superior brand and product presentation, presenting products orderly and always faced up and keeping your brand front of your competitors in high volume & traffic areas.

TRPDOR™ The new anti-sweep hook that is the latest innovation in the prevention of in-store theft 

TRPDOR™ the new innovative anti-sweep hook offers retail security at its best enhancing the retail customer experience.

TRPDOR™ the new anti-sweep hook, has a unique design that deters high volume theft by allowing only one product item to be removed at any one time while still giving the customer direct and easy access to the front item on the hook. This is achieved through a revolutionary patented design, which not only acts as a permanent label holder, but with two strategically positioned back strikers prevents all other product stock on the hook from being removed all at once.

TRPDOR™ is effective yet simple in its design. The TRPDOR™ is connected to the hook where the scanning label normally fits, clips into position and its ready to go!

The action of taking the front product item from the hook forces the clip to move forward. This movement brings the back strikers down, blocking the removal of the remaining stock from the hook. Once the first item is removed, the clip retracts back into it's original position, ready to be used again.

Retail theft just became a lot harder!

TRPDOR - POS Loss Prevention System


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