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The team at UFO work to provide the latest in digital display solution technology. Interactive Displays are effective in getting your customers to engage enhancing their customer service experience. Interactive displays are your virtual salesperson.

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interactive displays

UFO Interactive Displays are designed to give your customers a reason to stop and engage. We recognize relying on packaging to catch consumers eyes in a sea of competing products is not enough. Using the latest technology and innovative design these displays are proven to increase sales and drive product awareness. Interaction with products and brands can leave a lasting memory and encourage impulsive purchases.

Approximately 30 Million new SKU’s are introduced each year to the retail market world wide with each brand competing for consumer attention. Displays above and beyond the ordinary give consumers a reason to stop and engage with products. Offering a new way to enhance the shopping experience is what UFO specialise in.

Whether you have a new product release, rebranding an existing product, displaying seasonal or promotional products, or just wanting to give your products a unique edge UFO Displays Solutions has the expertise and manufacturing ability to supply the best solution for you. Feature your merchandise with maximum engagement displays that increase consumer sales in the retail setting.

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UFO Display Solutions create produce and deliver point of sale for the retail industry. Whether you require a POS fixture, large format  print or stock management we are here to help you sell more.

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